How Heap Built an Analytics Platform that Auto-Tracks Every Event

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June 13, 2018

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How Heap Built Their Analytics Platform

The story behind Heap's analytics platform

Traditional analytics tools track the events you specify in your code. Heap started because the founders wanted to track everything up front and decide what was important later.
When CTO, Dan Robinson, joined the company, it wasn't even clear if the product could actually be built to scale. And that's exactly why he joined.
How did they do it?

Highlights from our interview with NYT

The future is serverless

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What to know before moving to GitLab

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The top new dev tools of May

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Tech at The New York Times

Hint: They're big on GCP

New tools

Serverless / Task Processing
A serverless framework
Facebook Sonar
Mobile Runtime Inspector
Extensible mobile app debugger
MapKit JS
Mapping APIs
Apple Maps for the web
JavaScript Framework Components
Front-end Vue.js components framework
A free, simple tool for wireframing
Fathom Analytics
General Analytics
Simple, open source website analytics library
Vue Native
Cross-Platform Mobile Development
Build cross platform native mobile apps using Vue.js

Trending new tools

Whimsical Wireframes
Lightning fast wireframing with real-time collaboration
Exception Monitoring
Know how errors affect revenue
Javascript Utilities & Libraries
Functional props composition for components
Load Balancer / Reverse Proxy
A high performance layer 4 load balancer
Charting Libraries
A React.js plugin for building customizable charts
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