How Big Companies Are Using GraphQL in Production

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July 19, 2018

What's new

GraphQL Cache

Our first open source project

This week, we released our first ever open source library. 😱
If you're using Ruby and GraphQL, this one is for you. It provides a simpler way to cache resolved fields with just a keyword parameter. 💪
Check out the GitHub repo or read the blog post below.
Stack cache
GraphQL Cache

The GraphQL takeover

We've been using GraphQL in production for several months here at StackShare and love it. ❤️
It's not just us, some of the biggest tech companies are moving their internal and external APIs away from REST. We take a look at how Shopify, GitHub, Coursera, and more are implementing GraphQL. 👇
GraphQL in 2018

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Inside Shopify's Tech Stack

Scaling a Rails monolith

New tools

Payments Tools
Sell and manage SaaS subscriptions
Business Intelligence
Turn SQL into powerful dashboards
Serverless / Task Processing
Microservices made simple
NLP / Sentiment Analysis
A Golang library for text processing
Website Builder
Build a web app without writing code.

Trending new tools

GraphQL Ruby
Query Languages
Ruby implementation of GraphQL
File Conversion
A free Java library for creating and editing PDF files
Front End as a Service
Front-end as a Service
GitKraken Glo
Issue Tracking
Easily track tasks and issues from inside popular dev tools
Background Processing
JavaScript/TypeScript job processing framework
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