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Weekly Digest
June 28, 2018

What's new

How SendGrid Scaled to 40 Billion Emails per Month

Scaling to 40B emails per month isn't easy

If you've gotten transactional email, there's a good chance it was sent through SendGrid. 📨
This week, we learned why they switched from Perl and Python to Go, how they've implemented Docker, and more. 👇
But someone has to do it

In case you missed it

How to build a popular open source RSS Reader

Step One: Use JavaScript

Modernizing StackShare's Front-End Stack

React to the rescue

Cool tools

Hot Stacks

Servers? We don't need no stinkin' servers!

This week, a quick roundup of the coolest serverless tools out there. 😎
💾 Platform as a Service
Is PaaS serverless? Depends who you ask.
At StackShare, we use and love Heroku. Others, like Optimizely and Khan Academy, are built on Google App Engine. If you're already big on AWS, check out Elastic Beanstalk
☁️ Cloud Functions
The cloud function provider you choose will likely limit (or be limited by) the other services in your architecture.
If you know and love (or are just stuck with) AWS, Lambda will do the job. For all the GCP-converts, there's Google Cloud Functions and Cloud Functions for Firebase for real-time mobile apps. The C# devs out there should probably look at Azure Functions.
🏗 Serverless Frameworks
You can use the web UIs of these tools, but you'll want a better way to manage your infrastructure eventually.
The OG of the group is Serverless, which lets you provision serverless infrastructure for AWS, GCP, and Lambda. Apex lets you deploy to Lambda only, but use languages not natively supported (like Go). Meanwhile, the newcomer Architect simplifies things with one simple manifest.

New tools

Google Cloud Filestore
Cloud File Storage
High-performance, fully managed file storage
Image Processing and Management
Image Optimization made simple, only one line of code to integrate
Frameworks (Full Stack)
Fast, asynchronous and elegant Python web framework
Payments Analytics
In-app subscriptions made easy
Monitoring Aggregation
A simple incident response tool

Trending new tools

JavaScript Framework Components
Front-end Vue.js components framework
Serverless / Task Processing
A serverless framework
Azure Kubernetes Service
Containers as a Service
Simplify Kubernetes management, deployment, and operations.
Background Processing
Premium Queue package for handling jobs and messages in NodeJS
JavaScript Framework Components
Maintainable CSS with React
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