IDEs for Haskell & Python, Postman for GraphQL, and an instant API for SQLite


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November 24, 2017

New Tools

API Documentation Browser
TL;DR for developer documentation
Haskell for Mac
Integrated Development Environment
An IDE for Haskell
AWS Amplify
AWS Tools
JavaScript Open Source Library with React, React Native Extensions
Altair GraphQL
Database Tools
Like Postman for GraphQL. Based on a similar structure as GraphiQL.
Project Management
A better project management tool for software teams
Database Tools
An instant JSON API for your SQLite databases
Vim Python IDE
Integrated Development Environment
Python development config with asynchronous Vim Plugins
Performance Monitoring
Monitoring and alerting for AWS Lambda with no code changes

Just Added

Submitted by gdi2290 Patrickjs
Submitted by gdi2290 Patrickjs

Top 5 New Tools

Cloud Content Management System
A headless CMS construction kit in JavaScript
Teletype for Atom
Realtime Code Collaboration
Code together in real time
Visual Studio Live Share
Realtime Code Collaboration
Real-time collaborative development
Mobile UI Frameworks
A React-Native UI Kit
Cross-Platform Desktop Development
Build .NET desktop applications using HTML, CSS and javascript
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