10 new AWS offerings you can deploy now, plus two open source tools for AWS


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December 02, 2016

New Tools

AWS CodeBuild
Continuous Integration
Build and test code with continuous scaling
AWS Shield
Managed DDoS Protection
Amazon Pinpoint
Mobile Push Messaging
Targeted Push Notifications for Mobile Apps
AWS Step Functions
Cloud Task Management
Build Distributed Applications Using Visual Workflows
AWS Snowball Edge
Data Transfer
Petabyte-scale data transport with on-board storage and compute
Amazon Athena
Big Data Tools
Query S3 Using SQL
Amazon Polly
Text-To-Speech as a Service
Text to Speech in 47 Voices and 24 Languages
Amazon Rekognition
Image Analysis API
Image Detection and Recognition Powered by Deep Learning
Amazon LightSail
Cloud Hosting
Simple Virtual Private Servers on AWS
Docker for AWS
Containers as a Service
Install a Swarm of Docker Engines secured end to end with TLS by default on AWS
AWS Tools
Open Source Tools for Amazon ECS
AWS Tools
AWS Lambda with Heroku-like Experience

Top 5 New Tools

Charting Libraries
A D3 charting framework written in ES6
User Feedback as a Service
Record and Replay for Redux Apps
API Hub and Management
Easily integrate whole categories of providers, e.g. Social Log-Ins, or change a provider with a single line of code.
Database Tools
Codebase management for Postgres
Code Collaboration & Version Control
A new Git repo management server with code review
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