Reactive UIs in pure Ruby, version control for ML, and 2 new AWS solutions

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December 10th, 2020
StackHawk gives engineers the power to find and fix application security vulnerabilities in development. With rich automation and integration capabilities it's easy to check for vulnerabilities with every pull request. Individual developers or engineering teams can run application security tests against their favorite application for free.

Featured Post

ICYMI, DigitalOcean recently launched a new Platform as a Service offering called App Platform. App Platform allows you to create "App Specifications" that define the components of your app. Everything from the front-end, to API, to background workers, and the database. In this post, they dive into the different types of components you can have in your app and even touch on how they built their own App Platform 馃憞
Building Component Based Apps

Product Update: Private StackShare GitHub App

This week at GitHub's annual conference GitHub Universe, we officially announced that Private StackShare is now live on the GitHub Marketplace! And it's FREE! If you've wanted to try out Private StackShare but haven't had the time, install the GitHub App for free and within a few minutes you'll get a beautiful dashboard with all your repos/tech stacks, tools, packages, and even versions for them, mapped out in one place, plus a ton of other features!
馃憠 Check out the Private StackShare GitHub App

New Tools

Front-End Frameworks
Designer-first framework for Webflow and Figma
Data Warehouses by Freshpaint
Big Data as a Service
Customer data in any warehouse. Retroactively. In one click
Machine Learning Tools
Open source version control for machine learning
Amazon Monitron
Internet of Things Services
Detect abnormal machine behavior and enable predictive maintenance
Amazon WorkSpaces Streaming Protocol
Stream Processing
A cloud-native streaming protocol that enables a consistent user experience when accessing your WorkSpaces across global distances and unreliable networks
UI Components
Reactive UIs in pure Ruby
User Feedback as a Service
A collaborative repository for user feedback
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Trending Tools

Javascript UI Libraries
JS library to create animations from user interactions
Business Dashboards
One dashboard to view, create and share your data
Version Control System
A JavaScript implementation of Git
AWS Proton
Infrastructure Build Tools
Automated management for container and serverless deployments
Instance Watcher
AWS Tools
Daily recap notification of the running AWS instances


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The Developer鈥檚 Guide to SSO

Now Hiring! 

Senior Staff Machine Learning Engineer, Homefeed Ranking
Recommender Systems 路 User Modeling 路 Graph Representation Learning 路 Image Recognition 路 NLP 路 San Francisco, CA
(Senior) Data Engineer - Logistics (f/m/d)
SQL 路 BigQuery 路 Python 路 AWS/Google Cloud Platform 路 Hadoop 路 Berlin 路 Germany
Software Developer Engineer in Test
JavaScript 路 Node.JS 路 ElectronJS 路 路 Spectron 路 St. Louis

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