Server-side rendering: how to serve authenticated content

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Weekly Digest
September 25th, 2019
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🔥 Featured Post 

Most applications require a user to be authenticated to see content tailored to them. Many server-side rendering (SSR) tutorials tell you how to render on the server, but how do we render the correct content for each user? That is what our friends at Bugsnag have shared with us, all about getting started with SSR and authenticated content.
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🛠 Tool of the Week

Tool of the Week goes to 🥁🥁🥁WebStorm! 🕸🌪 All week this tool has been trending more than any of the others, including other JetBrains tools (RubyMine in particular). Do you use WebStorm? Share why you chose it!
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🛠 New Tools
API Tools
Free HTTP based JSON Storage
React Rainbow
UI Components
Collection of components that will reliably help you build your application in a snap
Ascii Tree
Shell Utilities
A library used to Generate beautiful ascii trees
Website Builder
Publish your Excel sheets as interactive web pages
Database Tools
Query CSVs using SQL

 Just Approved

Testing Frameworks
A web testing framework
Org Mode
Text Editor
An Emacs Mode for Notes, Planning, and Authoring

📈 Trending Tools

Can I email
Support Tables
Support tables for HTML and CSS in emails
Vue File Agent
File Uploads
Full featured drag & drop enabled Vue file upload component
Javascript Utilities & Libraries
An extension-driven platform for Vue.js developers
Microservices Tools
Build, Secure and Observe your modern Service Mesh
Image Processing and Management
A command line image processing tool

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