OpenAPI + Postman, automated rebasing & merging, and JetBrains' code review tool

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July 22nd, 2021
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New Tools

API Tools
New way to test APIs with OpenAPI and Postman
Tools for GitHub
Automate rebasing and merging for your codebase
Cloud security made easy
JetBrains Qodana
Code Review
Evaluate the integrity of code you own, contract or purchase
Image Processing and Management
A computer vision framework for self-supervised learning
Secure collaborative analytics and ML
Angle Grinder
Logging Tools
A terminal app to slice, dice, and aggregate your logs
Gain a competitive advantage with Effective Feature Management: Releasing and Operating Software in the Age of Continuous Delivery. So you can deploy when you want, release when you’re ready and enable valuable product innovation.

Trending Tools

Code Review
A community-maintained fork of Phabricator
API Tools
Simple, powerful, secure API performance monitoring
Communications SDK
The open source platform for real-time communication
Orbit Components
JavaScript Framework Components
Open-source design system
Evidently AI
Machine Learning Tools
Track and debug ML models in production

Just Added Tools

JavaScript Framework Components
Powerful building blocks for React-based web applications
dbForge Documenter for SQL Server
Database Tools
An easy-to-use tool to create a database documentation in HTML, PDF, and Markdown formats

Now Hiring! 

Backend Engineer, User Understanding
Java · Python · Hadoop · Spark · Flink · San Francisco, CA
Tech Lead - Frontend (Runtime)
JavaScript · Python · Go · React · Express · Remote

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