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October 14, 2018

📢 Press

Ever heard of Stripe? That's probably a silly question these days. But what you may not have heard is the story behind the developer payments giant. Check out Wired's latest feature story: "The untold story of Stripe, the secretive $20bn startup driving Apple, Amazon and Facebook." Read closely and you'll find a StackShare shoutout 😱
"Developers approved. Stackshare, the developer’s platform where companies such as Slack, Spotify and Opendoor post lists of every piece of software they’re using, has a running vote comparing Adyen, Braintree and Stripe..."  -  Read the full story

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Building blazing fast Search as a Service

New tools

Database Tools
1-click access to any database or server in any environment
Charting Libraries
Tableau-Like Data Visualizations in JavaScript
Git Tools
Automatically execute commands across multiple Git repos
Tools for GitHub
A GitHub 🤖 for managing your Open Source project
Website Builder
Build websites with Airtable

Trending new tools

In-Browser Testing
Add visual reviews to your GitHub pull requests, helping your team spot UI bugs quickly and review visual changes easily
API Tools
Faster API debugging
Cloudflare Registrar
Domain Registration
Domain Registration You Can Love
Web App Builders
Build web apps in your browser, without code
Ring UI
Front-End Frameworks
A collection of React-based UI components for web-based products (by JetBrains)
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