Tailwind CSS + Material Design, an iOS Git client/text editor, and an open source commenting system

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April 29th, 2021
MongoDB Atlas takes the difficulty out of data management, so your teams can build more and worry less. Plus, Atlas autoscales clusters and rightsizes resources鈥攕o that you only pay for what you use. Spin up a free Atlas cluster today!

Featured Post

Pinterest first wrote about their Kubernetes journey back in 2019. By the end of 2020, they orchestrated 35K+ pods with 2500+ nodes in their Kubernetes clusters — supporting a wide range of Pinterest businesses. Find out how they did it 馃憞
Scaling Kubernetes at Pinterest

New Tools

An online whiteboard from Figma designed for teams
Pretrained AI
Machine Learning Tools
Integrate pretrained machine learning models in minutes
Commenting Service
Open-source, lightweight comment system for your website
Material Tailwind
UI Components
Components library for Tailwind CSS & Material Design
Web and Video Conferencing
A free and open-source group video call for the web
Git Tools
A Git client and text editor for iOS
Wave SaaS Kit
Payments Tools
The open source Software as a Service starter kit
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Trending Tools

Mock API Generator
API Tools
Generate custom data & API to build apps in less than 30s
Container Tools
Experimental tool to query K8s API using plain SQL
1Password Secrets Automation
Secrets Management
Secure, orchestrate, and manage infrastructure secrets
Meeting Scheduling
An open source Calendly alternative
Thundra Sidekick
Microservices Tools
Trace and de-bug microservices remotely

Just Added Tools

Knowledge Management
A digital knowledge management solution for teams, perfect for wikis, intranets, documentation, and intelligent content
Project Management
Visual work management for high performing teams

Now Hiring! 

Machine Learning Engineer, User Understanding
Hadoop/Spark 路 3+ years of industry experience 路 San Francisco, CA
Software Engineer II - gRPC Focus Group (Frontend)
JavaScript 路 React 路 CSS 路 Websockets 路 Remote

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