Tensorpack, an online IDE powered by GitHub Gists, and an HR platform for remote teams

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April 2nd, 2020
Troubleshoot less and fix issues faster with automated data correlation, payloads, & end-to-end observability for microservices. Agentless & automated, Epsagon delivers full visibility for containers, VMs, serverless, & FaaS with no training, manual coding, tagging or maintenance. Learn More.

🛠 New Tools

Remote Team
Payroll & Benefits
An all-in-one HR platform for remote teams
Database Tools
Sync Postgres data between databases
NLP / Sentiment Analysis
A Python NLP Library for Many Human Languages
Machine Learning Tools
A lightweight deep neural network inference engine (by Alibaba)
Dumber Gist
Cloud IDE
A lightweight online IDE to write JavaScript SPA in you GitHub gists
Virtual Conference and Events Services
Virtual conference & events platform
Machine Learning Tools
A neural network training interface based on TensorFlow

📣 Special Announcement

We've officially opened up the Beta Program for Private StackShare 🎊 the best way for enterprise teams to collaborate on technology decisions
As more teams go remote, having the right collaboration tools is a must. 
Private StackShare helps you see what you’re using internally, why you’re using it, and who someone should talk to about it. You can think of it as GitHub mixed with Yammer. It's all the amazing features of the StackShare you know and love, but private to your company.
If you're interested in getting early access to the Beta shoot us an email!

📈 Trending Tools

Feedback Widget
Turn your website into a dynamic canvas ready for feedback
User Management and Authentication
APIs for enterprise features like SSO/SAML
Web and Video Conferencing
Next-gen video calls for a new era of work
Container Tools
Run local Kubernetes clusters using Docker
Machine Learning Tools
A graph-based functional API for building complex scikit-learn pipelines

 Just Approved

Convox Multi-Cloud
Platform as a Service
Free and Open Source Multi-Cloud Platform as a Service
Email Services
Dedicated email servers without any user/domain limits and complete API support for email administration

 👩‍💻 Now Hiring! 

Machine Learning Engineer, Search Quality
ML · NLP · Search Quality Expertise · Information Retrieval · Palo Alto · CA
Senior IT Engineer
Confluence · Jira service desk · infrastructure as code · Full-Time · OAKLAND · CA
Backend Engineer
Ruby · Rust · Node.js · PostgreSQL · Full-Time · SAN MATEO · CALIFORNIA
Senior Mobile Release Engineer - Consumer
Kotlin/Java · Swift/Objective-C · Git/GitHub · Bitrise · Fastlane · Berlin · Germany
Senior Software Engineer, Frontend
HTML · CSS · JavaScript · Vue.js/React.js · jQuery · Mountain View · CA
Software Engineer, Backend
Node.js · MySQL · AWS · Python · Ruby · Full-Time · Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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🏆 Tool of the Week

Use MonkeyLearn to get actionable data from text with machine learning. Turn emails, support tickets, chats, social media, surveys and documents into actionable data. Make your teams more efficient by automating business processes, getting insights and saving hours of manual text data processing.
Learn more about MonkeyLearn


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Learn Git with Bitbucket Cloud

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