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August 12th, 2021
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New Tools

Business Intelligence
Open-source low-code BI tool
API Tools
An infrastructure to consume webhooks
User Management and Authentication
Secure smartphone-based passwordless authentication
Cloud Monitoring
Open-source monitoring tool for AWS serverless applications
Tools for GitLab
All your GitLab work in one place
GraphQL Tools
Solve the GraphQL N+1 issue with the magic of CachiQL
A/B Testing Analytics
Open-source A/B testing framework
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Trending Tools

Container Tools
A simple terminal dashboard for Kubernetes built with Rust
Realtime Backend / API
Simple backend for your apps
Business Intelligence
Explore, analyze and share analytics in one place
Visual Collaboration
AI-generated personalized videos for sales outreach
Code Collaboration & Version Control
Light and fast GitHub/GitLab alternative written in V
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Just Added Tools

Email Marketing
Create, edit and manage all your email templates on AWS SES
Database Tools
Open source, web-based database schema change and version control tool

Now Hiring! 

Machine Learning Engineer, Home Team
Recommender Systems 路 User Modeling 路 Image Recognition 路 San Francisco, CA
Lead Software Engineer - UX & Design System
React 路 Jest 路 Puppeteer 路 Cypress 路 UI & UX Engineering

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