GitHub's MySQL orchestrator and Pusher's new chat drop-in

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Weekly Digest
November 04, 2018

✨ New This Week

So many databases to choose from, so little time series. MySQL has been the top db on StackShare for a long time, with PostgreSQL coming in a close second. But what if we told you that MariaDB was built by core members of the original MySQL team? 🀯(if you already knew that, then you're ahead of the pack).
Community member Jesus Castello helps compare the two leaders vs the (relative) new kid on the block.
The SQL Showdown

βͺ In Case You Missed It

Learn about the differences between the two biggest container orchestration solutions out there
Docker vs Kubernetes Deep Dive
πŸ₯Šthe showdown of the year
Serverless Showdown: AWS vs Google Cloud

πŸ›  New Tools

Speech Recognition Tools
πŸ’¬A Library for Speech Processing and Recognition
Continuous Integration
Python CI/CD and automation server written in Django
Secrets Detection
Detect secrets in source code, public and private
Communications SDK
Add 1-1 and group chat to your app with typing indicators, file attachments, user online presence and more
Database Tools
MySQL replication topology management and HA (by GitHub)

βœ… Just Approved

Business Intelligence
Serverless Analytics Framework
Docker Registry
Manage and serve container images in a secure environment (created at VMware)
Cloud Storage
Cloud native storage for containerized workloads

πŸ“ˆ Trending New Tools

JavaScript Framework Components
♻️ Reuse React components to create new ones
Machine Learning as a Service
Artificial Intelligence as an API πŸ€–
Static Site Generators
Build blazing fast websites for any CMS or data with Vue.js & GraphQL βš‘οΈπŸ’š
Laravel Telescope
Monitoring Tools
An elegant debug assistant for the Laravel framework
Query Languages
A Simple and Isomorphic GraphQL Client for JavaScript
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