A Python static type checker from Microsoft + a prototyping tool for Vue.js

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Weekly Digest
March 28, 2019
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 ðŸš€ Featured Posts 

Raygun writes about the open source tools they use to solve performance issues. One tool, in particular, allows them to do micro-benchmarking. You should see it in the Just Approved section below. 😉



🤩 Stack of the Week

This week, we'd like to give a huge shoutout to Sebastian Gębski, CTO of Fresha ðŸ†
Sebastian has shared pretty much every major technology decision that he's been involved with at Fresha, where they're building a global platform for beauty & wellness. He's shared everything from their CI setup, to their move from Heroku to k8s on AWS, to breaking down their monolith into separate services using RabbitMQ & Redis.
That's some solid stacking Sebastian ðŸ‘Œ
What are the details behind your company's stack? If your profile reaches "Legendary 🏅" status, it has a shot at being featured here, so get to it!

🛠 New Tools

Static Type Checkers
Static type checker for the Python language by Microsoft
Javascript UI Libraries
A front-end JavaScript library for building user interfaces
Faster Dom
Javascript UI Libraries
Create lightweight, quick, and responsive interfaces
Majestic GUI
Javascript Testing Framework
Zero config GUI for Jest
Web App Builders
All in One Prototyping Tool For Vue Developers

✅ Just Approved

Powerful .NET library for benchmarking
Cloud Access Management
Modern Privileged Access Management
Code Review
A static analysis security vulnerability scanner for Ruby on Rails applications
A task automation and configuration management framework
Database Tools
A database IDE by JetBrains for professional SQL developers

📈 Top New Tools

Browser Testing
Code-free Automated UI Testing
Container Tools
The missing application development platform for Kubernetes
Cross-Platform Desktop Development
A lightweight, pure-GPU, HTML UI renderer for native apps
Voice and SMS
Mailchimp for SMS
Image Analysis API
Word2Vec For Anything
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