Package manager comparison: Yarn vs npm + Tencent and Microsoft release UI libraries

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Weekly Digest
October 21, 2018

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✨ New This Week

📦 npm vs Yarn
npm has been around for a while- with over 10K stacks on StackShare. But there's a new kid on the block called Yarn, a creation from Facebook, Exponent, Google, and Tilde. Yarn has been getting a lot of love from developers since launching in 2016.
If you've been wondering about all the hype, this is the comparison for you. Community member Stephen Afam-Osemene breaks down the differences between the two of the hottest package managers.
The ultimate package manager comparison

⏪ In Case You Missed It

This week, Twilio announced that it's acquiring SendGrid for $2 Billion ðŸ˜± 

How SendGrid scaled to 40 billion emails per month
Serverless Showdown: AWS vs Google Cloud
Docker vs Kubernetes Deep Dive

🛠 New Tools

Query Languages
A Simple and Isomorphic GraphQL Client for JavaScript
Redux Dynamic Modules
State Management Library
A new way to scale Redux applications (by Microsoft)
JavaScript Framework Components
♻️ Reuse React components to create new ones
Machine Learning as a Service
Artificial Intelligence as an API 🤖
Javascript UI Libraries
Next generation web framework in 4KB JavaScript (Web Components + JSX + Proxy + Path Updating)

📈 Trending New Tools

🍉 Next-gen database for powerful React and React Native apps that scales to 10,000s of records and remains fast ⚡️
Website Builder
Build websites with Airtable
Microframeworks (Backend)
Erlang REST framework that runs on top of Cowboy
Tower Web
Frameworks (Full Stack)
A fast, boilerplate free, web framework for Rust
Message Queue
Message streaming as a service powered by Apache Kafka
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