Monitoring Node.js Applications on OpenShift with Prometheus + 5 new tools

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Weekly Digest
September 4th, 2019
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🔥 Featured Post 

If you aren't familiar with OpenShift, it's Red Hat's free Platform as a Service (PaaS) for hosting Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.js, and Perl apps. The post they shared with us covers Node.js and how to monitor on Prometheus, an open source service monitoring system. Check out the latest blog post from our friends at Red Hat
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🤩 Tool of the Week

And, Tool of the Week goes to 🥁🥁🥁Hexo! 🎉 This tool is a fast, simple & powerful blog framework. It is built upon Node.js which brings you incredible generating speed. Hundreds of files take only seconds to build. 😱 Besides that, there are close to 300 plugins, a great selection of themes and a number of integrations. Head over to their tool page to get the full list and reasons why companies and developers use Hexo.
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🥞 Stack of the Week

There are plenty of monitoring tools out there but PingBreak is the first and only to get a Stack of the Week! 🏆 Their service is currently in beta (open to anyone with a Twitter account) and it will notify you and your team in Slack, Twitter, Discord, email and more whenever your website(s) are down.
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Senior Software Engineer
Red Hat
OpenStack · OpenShift · Python · Go · Kubernetes · Remote (USA)
Solutions Architect
Customer Success · San Francisco
Senior Software Engineer
Go · Distributed Systems · Encryption · Network Security · AWS · Remote (USA)
Senior Frontend Engineer
D3 · TypeScript · Jest · Enzyme · Storybook · San Francisco
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🛠 New Tools

Nu Shell
A modern shell written in Rust
Open source data constraint language
Web Forms
A form library that uses JSON schema and works with Redux
API Tools
End to end backend server for frontend and mobile developers
Logging Tools
A Nanosecond Scale Logging System

 Just Approved

Billing and Subscriptions
A solution for e-commerce stores for recurring billing and subscriptions
Black Duck
Open Source Security & License tracking

📈 Trending Tools

Cross-Platform Desktop Development
A library for building cross-platform native desktop applications
Text Processors
Python package that can help make your text more clear, simple and useful for the reader
Blockchain data parsing and persisting results
Charting Libraries
xkcd styled chart library
Container Tools
Container images that have packages from the Nix package manager
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