The 9 YC S18 Companies Developers Should Know

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August 23, 2018

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Moving to GitLab or Bitbucket

9 YC S18 companies making things for devs

The infamous YC Demo Day was this week. Out of the 123 companies that demoed, 9 of them are making awesome tools for developers or that will at least make developers' lives easier. 🙌
CSPA, short for Computer Science Proficiency Assessment, is basically the SAT for software engineers. They promise that taking the test will offer you better job prospects, better job fit, and a shorter interview process. If you sit at the cross-section of people who hate technical interviews and people who love standardized tests, this one's for you. 🤓
How does automating routine programming sound? If you said something along the lines of "great!", you're going to love Optic. Unlike most code-generators, Optic actually "understands" your code thanks to machine learning models and some complex pattern-matching. That means you can go beyond basic scaffolding and do things like sync all of your controller code automatically when a model changes. 😲
If you're building machine learning software on mobile or IoT devices, you're probably more interested in training your models than managing their performance. numericaal wants to help optimize and manage your models, so you can do just that. They offer model-resource optimization, cross-platform analytics, and identify bottlenecks. 🤖
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New tools

Code Automation Tools
Automate routine programming
Machine Learning Tools
Machine learning for mobile & IoT made easy
Bug Bounty as a Service
Bug bounties for startups
Visual Collaboration
Create and share website edits
Umbrella JS
Javascript UI Libraries
Tiny library for DOM manipulation, events and AJAX

Trending new tools

Web App Builders
Build custom internal tools in minutes
Team Task Management
Standup tool that works like Snapchat stories for remote teams
PostgreSQL Modeler
Database Tools
PostgreSQL Database Modeler
GitHub Load Balancer Director
Load Balancer / Reverse Proxy
GitHub's open source load balancer
Web and Video Conferencing
Multi-platform open-source video conferencing
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