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June 24th, 2021
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Open Sourcing Querybook, Pinterest鈥檚 Collaborative Big Data Hub

Pinterest uses data insights and analysis to make product decisions and evaluations to improve the Pinner experience for more than 450 million monthly users. To continuously make these improvements, it became more important than ever for teams to be able to compose queries, create analyses, and collaborate with one another. So they took Querybook, their internal solution for more efficient and collaborative big data access, and open sourced it. Find out why and how they did it 馃憞
Pinterest鈥檚 Collaborative Big Data Hub

New Tools

Integrated Development Environment
A Big Data IDE that allows you to discover, create, and share data analyses, queries, and tables (By Pinterest)
Attack Surface Analyzer
Analyze your operating system's security configuration for changes during software installation (By Microsoft)
Machine Learning Tools
A data augmentations library for audio, image, text, and video (By Facebook)
GraphQL Tools
The GraphQL CDN with caching, analytics and security
Kilo SSL
Multi-Instance SSL certificate management system
Code Review
Faster pull requests and code reviews
Low Code Platforms
A visual design tool for React, with code as the source of truth
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Trending Tools

Website Monitoring
Free and open source synthetic monitoring tool
Communications SDK
Open source conversational platform & unified messaging APIs
PolarDB for PostgreSQL
Database Tools
An open-source database system based on PostgreSQL (By Alibaba)
No Code Platforms
No-code visual builder for React front end
Enterprise distributed relational database with high availability, high performance, horizontal scalability, and compatibility with SQL standards
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