React Visualizer, The New Sidekiq, a Slack CLI, and Google Firestore UI


StackShare Weekly Digest

October 27, 2017
Screenshots as a Service
API for capturing web screenshots
Slack Tools
Command line Slack chat client
Graphcool Framework
Serverless / Task Processing
⚡️ Framework to develop & deploy serverless GraphQL backends
React Sight
MVC Tools
A Visualizer for React Component Hierarchy
Source Code Escrow
Source Code Escrow for Developers
Background Processing
A new background job system by the company behind Sidekiq
Cloud Content Management System
Headless CMS for Google Firestore and Firebase

Top 5 New Tools

Cloud Firestore
NoSQL Database as a Service
A New Document Database for Apps
File Conversion
Stripe for PDFs
Server Configuration and Automation
Centralize and control your IT infrastructure with a visual dashboard
Screenshots as a Service
Enter a URL, get a screenshot
React Native Seed
Cross-Platform Mobile Development
Get your favorite boilerplate of React Native
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