A Timeline of Slack's Tech Stack Evolution

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June 20th, 2019
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πŸ“š Stack History

It's official, Slack is now a publicly traded company! πŸ“ˆTo celebrate we've taken the awesomeness of Slack's amazing engineering blog (seriously they really documented pretty much everything), open source repos, case studies, tech talks/slide-decks and articles published by others over the years and constructed a master timeline of all the major stack decisions they've made on their journey from πŸ¦„ to IPO! 🀯
Check out the second installment of Stack History and let us know what you think!
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πŸš€ Featured Post

Our friends at AppSignal wrote a story about three tools that came together to help scale their all-in-one APM product that monitors over 60 billion requests a month! 
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Meet A Founder Transforming How Software Is Bought

Why Developers Use TypeScript in 2019

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 πŸ€”  WDYT

Tomáš Pustelník is a StackShare power user who recently wrote a Stack Decision about why he uses Firebase at work. Dan then left a comment with some great constructive feedback about Firebase. It sparked some discussion in Slack and it got us wondering...what do you think?
Facebook just announced its long-awaited cryptocurrency "Libra" which is a stable coin and will be available in 2020. One cool thing we noticed is that 97% of it is written in Rust

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πŸ›  New Tools

Ottomatica slim
Virtualization Platform
Build and run tiny vms from Dockerfiles
Data Science Tools
A Python package for differentiable probabilistic inference
Front End Package Manager
A federated package registry for anything
NLP / Sentiment Analysis
A deep learning modeling toolkit by Microsoft
CSS Pre-processors / Extensions
A CSS based web framework

βœ… Just Approved

File Storage
A free-software storage platform
Task Management
Feel organized without the effort
Apache JMeter
Load and Performance Testing
An open source load testing tool
Integrated Development Environment
Open source and enterprise-ready professional software for the R community
Vue Router
JavaScript Framework Components
The official router for Vue.js
Documentation as a Service & Tools
Document Everything! For you, your users and your team
Javascript Utilities & Libraries
A library to read, write, display, and modify Excel files
Adobe InDesign
Graphic Design
The next step in layouts design

πŸ“ˆ Top New Tools

File Uploads
A flexible and fun JavaScript file upload library
Mobile UI Frameworks
Build user interfaces across all Apple platforms with Swift
Pipe Dream Laravel
API Tools
Create Laravel projects really fast
FullStack Boilerplate
Frameworks (Full Stack)
React Native Web with TypeScript, Node.js & GraphQL
Lightweight Charts
Charting Libraries
Financial charts built with HTML5 canvas
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