How to Build a Popular Open Source RSS Reader With JavaScript

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June 21, 2018

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Hot Stacks

Hot Stacks is back!

Our next edition of the best tech brunch in SF is on modernizing legacy applications. 🏚
This time our panel includes 3 excellent engineers from Heap, Optimizely, and ReadMe. Come eat some pancakes with us and learn how some of the best engineering teams approach this problem. 🥞
June 26th at 11:30AM in San Francisco 📆
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What's new

Modernizing our Front End

Modernizing StackShare's Front End

As we've expanded our product and expanded our team, we've made some serious upgrades to our front-end stack along the way. ⚡️
Our lead front-end engineer, Rus Werner, shares some insight into how we turned legacy code into something everyone enjoys working on and some of the unique challenges of pairing React with Rails. ⚛️
How we did it

How Stream Built their Open Source RSS Reader

You may have seen Stream's new RSS Reader, Winds 2.0, on the front page of Hacker News recently. 👨‍💻
We got the inside scoop on how they built this awesome new product with React and Node - and why a team of Go developers used JavaScript in the first place. 🤔
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In case you missed it

How Heap Built a Retroactive Analytics Platform

Hint: Capture everything

New tools

Javascript Utilities & Libraries
Record, replay, and stub HTTP interactions
Azure Kubernetes Service
Containers as a Service
Simplify Kubernetes management, deployment, and operations.
Background Processing
Premium Queue package for handling jobs and messages in NodeJS
JavaScript Framework Components
Maintainable CSS with React
Distributed SQL database with linear scalability
Machine Learning Tools
Friendly machine learning for the web

Trending new tools

Serverless / Task Processing
A serverless framework
Whimsical Wireframes
Lightning fast wireframing with real-time collaboration
Browser Testing
ML-driven test automation
Javascript Utilities & Libraries
Functional props composition for components
JavaScript Framework Components
Front-end Vue.js components framework
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