9 Experimentation Best Practices

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November 7th, 2019
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🚀 Just Launched

Searching for Jobs on StackShare just got a major upgrade: Introducing the NEW and improved Job Board (formerly known as Stack Match). Aside from an awesome facelift, we've made a ton of improvements to the job search experience on StackShare:
  • ⚡️ Search is much faster
  • 🌍 New location-based search shows you listings close to you
  • 📌 You can now bookmark listings (so you can apply for them later)
  • 🏢 Easily browse jobs from companies that you follow
And of course, you can do all the things you used to with Stack Match, including:
  • 🛠 Browse jobs based on tools/skills
  • 💼 Save your job searches
  • 📧 Get email alerts for new jobs that match your stack
👉 Check out the new StackShare Job Board

🔥 Featured Post

Let's face it, experimenting the right way isn't easy. There are a hundred ways to screw up experiments, even with a feature flag tool like LaunchDarkly. In this post LD outlines their top tips and tricks for doing it the right way 👇
👊 9 Experimentation Best Practices

🛠 Tool of the Week

Tool of the Week goes to 🥁🥁🥁Quasar Framework! With Quasar, you can build responsive Single Page Apps, SSR Apps, PWAs, Hybrid Mobile Apps and Electron Apps, all using the same codebase!, powered by Vue.js.
Learn more about Quasar Framework

🛠 New Tools

Documentation as a Service & Tools
UX design docs that stay up-to-date
Search Engines
An Open Source Vector Similarity Search Engine
C / C++ Build Tools
A Modern C/C++ build tools (Simple, Fast, Cross-platform)
Search Engines
High-performance, , cloud-native distributed SQL database
Integration Tools
Develop any workflow, on any trigger, with auth and no infra

 Just Approved

Penetration Testing Tools
A free, open-source penetration testing tool
Code Dog
Slack Tools
Slack reminders for GitLab and BitBucket pull requests
Data Science Tools
Time series data visualization software

📈 Trending Tools

Website Personalization for B2B Companies
Machine Learning Tools
Deploy machine learning models in production
Machine learning feature database tight coupled with PyTorch
Database Tools
Flamegraph visualizations of PostgreSQL query plans
Leaf PHP
Microframeworks (Backend)
Create clean, simple but powerful web apps and APIs quickly

 👩‍💻 Now Hiring! 

Machine Learning Engineer
Content Quality · Content Modeling · Java · Scala · Python · SAN FRANCISCO
Distributed Systems Engineer
Redis · Elasticsearch · Kafka · Full-Time · OAKLAND
Web Architect: Large-Scale React, Gatsby, Contentful & Netflify
Gatsby.js · Netflify · Contentful · Hexo · Full-Time · ATLANTA
Site Reliability Engineer
Kubernetes · Redis · PostgreSQL · Go · FULL-TIME · SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA
Engineering Manager
Go · Node.JS · Kubernetes · Haskell · Rust · Full-Time · SAN FRANCISCO


🔐 Announcing Private StackShare for Teams

Private StackShare for Teams is now in private beta- email us for an invitation 👉 premium@stackshare.io


🚀 Introducing NEW Company Engineering Profiles


JavaScript Errors: An Exceptional History


Rethinking Front-end Error Reporting

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