Top 11 Tools of the Month + Hot Stacks: GDPR Edition


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May 04, 2018


Our Rails + React event with Flexport was awesome! If you missed it, don't worry, we'll have a recap up on the blog soon. 😁

Next up is Hot Stacks - our monthly meetup series with Algolia. Come eat pancakes, drink mimosas, listen to some great talks, and probably get paid to do it!

This month we're talking about The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how it affects the software industry - if you're anything like us and have seen all these GDPR posts on HN but you're still confused, this is an easy way to learn all about it. Our speakers include engineers from NodeSource, Twilio, and Kickbox.

It's going down May 15 at 11:30AM in beautiful, sunny San Francisco.

And just in case you need to learn about GDPR right now, Algolia released GDPR Made Searchable today. 🙌

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If you've been anxiously waiting for someone to post a list of the most popular tools added to StackShare in April, today is your lucky day. 🍀

This month, we got a static-site generator from Vue.js, on-demand image processing, and a bunch of other cool new tools. See which ones made the list 👇

Did your favorite new tool make it?

New Tools

Automated sales tax reporting
Machine Learning Tools
Deep learning made simple
File Conversion
Create PDF documents using web technologies
Documentation as a Service & Tools
Write and publish documentation with Markdown
Database Tools
Listen to Postgres events and forward them as JSON payloads to a webhook
Infection Monkey
Penetration Testing Tools
An automated pentest tool

Just Added

Submitted by fredv 46784
AWS Glue
Submitted by cristoirmac 5093335

Top New Tools

Performance Monitoring
Page speed monitoring powered by Google's Lighthouse
Static Site Generators
A static-site generator built by the Vue.js team
Container Tools
Build container images in Kubernetes
Javascript Utilities & Libraries
A library for working with monetary values in JavaScript
Web Forms
Typeform meets Intercom: Contact forms 2.0
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