Google's new k8s ML tool plus new GraphQL tools

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Weekly Digest
November 11, 2018

⏪ In Case You Missed It

The hottest new dev tools on StackShare
So many databases to choose from, so little time series. MySQL has been the top db on StackShare for a long time, with PostgreSQL coming in a close second. But what if we told you that MariaDB was built by core members of the original MySQL team? 🤯(if you already knew that, then you're ahead of the pack).
Community member Jesus Castello helps compare the two leaders vs the (relative) new kid on the block.
The SQL Showdown
📦 npm vs Yarn
The ultimate package manager comparison

🛠 New Tools

Machine Learning Tools
Machine Learning Pipelines for Kubeflow
Container Tools
Container-native workflows for Kubernetes
Open Source Service Discovery
Automated API Orchestration
A GraphQL-first e-commerce platform for the PWA era
GraphQL Tools
☄️ A minimalistic zero-config GraphQL server

✅ Just Approved

Graph Databases
Fast, Distributed Graph DB
Dependency Monitoring
Get safety & consistency with automatic updates and real-time monitoring for npm dependencies

📈 Trending New Tools

Static Site Generators
Build blazing fast websites for any CMS or data with Vue.js & GraphQL ⚡️💚
Laravel Telescope
Monitoring Tools
An elegant debug assistant for the Laravel framework
Continuous Integration
Python CI/CD and automation server written in Django
DigitalOcean Managed Databases
SQL Database as a Service
Fully hosted and managed database engines for your applications, so you can focus on building, not patching
Commenting Service
A responsible alternative to Disqus
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