Minimal K8s and Vue.js libs, GraphQL plugins, and ChatOps as a Service

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July 29th, 2021
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“We’ve seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months." - Satya Nadella, Chairman and CEO of Microsoft
Over the past year, digital transformation and by extension, cloud migrations, have been a major priority for large companies all across the world. In order to do a proper cloud migration, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of what tech stacks you have, what exactly you're migrating, and who should do the migrating. In this post we dive into best practices around planning and executing a cloud migration and why tech stack visibility is a key component.
Digital Transformation and Cloud Migration

New Tools

Machine Learning Tools
Open source recommendation system written in Go
ChatOps as a Service, inspired by GitHub's Hubot
Container Tools
Low-ops, minimal Kubernetes, for cloud, clusters, Edge and IoT
Billing and Subscriptions
Easily price on usage, SaaS billing without headaches
GraphQL Tools
The GraphQL plugin system
Apideck Vault
API Hub and Management
The new standard for connecting APIs and integrations
Javascript UI Libraries
5kb subset of Vue optimized for progressive enhancement (by Vue.js)
Gain a competitive advantage with Effective Feature Management: Releasing and Operating Software in the Age of Continuous Delivery. So you can deploy when you want, release when you’re ready and enable valuable product innovation.

Trending Tools

API Tools
New way to test APIs with OpenAPI and Postman
JetBrains Qodana
Code Review
Evaluate the integrity of code you own, contract or purchase
Tools for GitHub
Automate rebasing and merging for your codebase
Angle Grinder
Logging Tools
A terminal app to slice, dice, and aggregate your logs
Secure collaborative analytics and ML

Just Added Tools

Container Tools
Build, package and maintain container images at scale
Load and Performance Testing
Rapidly build and deploy performance tests

Now Hiring! 

Machine Learning Engineer, Home Team
Recommender Systems · User Modeling · Image Recognition · San Francisco, CA
Lead Software Engineer - UX & Design System
React · Jest · Puppeteer · Cypress · UI & UX Engineering

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