GitLab login, plus a test/mocking framework for AWS, and machine learning powered log analytics


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March 24, 2017


GitLab now has more than 100K organizations and over 1 million projects hosted on their platform. With more and more developers opting to use their open source solution, we're happy to announce that you can now sign in to StackShare using your GitLab account! This also means that any team members that are on GitLab can join your company on StackShare by signing up via their GitLab account. We're super excited to give even more developers the ability to join the StackShare community. Head over to the profile edit page to link your GitLab account.

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New Tools

Static Web Hosting
A blog that syncs with your Google Docs
Clear Containers
Virtual Machine Platforms & Containers
Use the isolation of virtual-machine technology along with the deployment benefits of containers
Log Management
Machine learning powered log analytics
Task Processing
A serverless framework for Node.js on AWS
Machine Learning as a Service
One Click Machine Learning API
Content Delivery Network
Serverless CDN
AWS Tools
A fully functional local AWS cloud stack (by Atlassian)

Top 5 New Tools

Create React Native App
Cross-Platform Mobile Development
Create a React Native app on any OS with no build config
React VR
Virtual Reality
A framework for building VR apps using React
GraphQL Voyager
Database Tools
GraphQL Voyager – Represent Any GraphQL API as an Interactive Graph
Expo Sketch
Cross-Platform Mobile Tools
A Playground for React Native
React Helmet
JavaScript Framework Components
A document head manager for React
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