An open source Airtable, mini MongoDBs, and a shell script tool from Google

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June 3rd, 2021
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Featured Post

If your company is currently tracking the tech stacks you're using across engineering teams via Excel/Google Sheets, don't worry, you're not alone. This is actually pretty common for large companies. Keeping track of which teams are using which libraries, platforms, and services is usually a manual effort that gets prioritized during audits, migrations, upgrades, hiring planning, and a number of initiatives but quickly get outdated. Check out this post to find out how companies are starting to replace spreadsheets with a new solution that automates all this 馃憞
A better way to track tech stacks

New Tools

Graphic Design
Web UX editor and feedback tool for product teams
Bash Scripts
A tool for writing better scripts (By Google)
A lightweight embedded document database
Mongo tinified. MongoDB implemented in Python
Machine Learning as a Service
Create, visualize and deploy AI solutions
API Tools
Modular API Client for macOS
Spreadsheets as a Backend
Free & open source Airtable alternative

Testing in production? It's scary until it's not. Get total control of your code to ship fast, reduce risk, and reclaim your nights and weekends. Learn why Hulu, Atlassian, Square :hearts:LaunchDarkly at

Trending Tools

Shell Utilities
Autocomplete for the Terminal
Container Tools
Kubernetes operator allowing to create a cluster of PostgreSql instances and manage databases replication, failover and backup
Microservices Tools
Easy to use, all-in-one microservice framework in Golang
Machine Learning Tools
A flexible, intuitive and fast forecasting library (By LinkedIn)
State Management Library
State management tool based on React state hook

Just Added Tools

Tisane Labs
NLP / Sentiment Analysis
Text analytics for user-generated content with a focus on abuse
Message Queue
A library that implements a fast and robust queue system

Now Hiring! 

Machine Learning Engineer, User Understanding
Hadoop/Spark 路 3+ years of industry experience 路 San Francisco, CA
Tech Lead - Frontend (Runtime)
JavaScript 路 Python 路 Go 路 React 路 Express 路 Remote

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