How Flexport Moves Over $1B In Merchandise, Stack Match Updates, and new tools from Shopify, Netflix, and Expedia


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December 16, 2016


You can now keep up with jobs on Stack Match via RSS! Grab the feed URL on Stack Match and see new jobs without leaving the comfort of your favorite RSS reader.

You can also now filter jobs by industry and company type. Just click on a company tag and search results will filter to show only companies within that industry:

Head over to Stack Match to check out the new features!


For the second episode of Stack Stories, we spoke with the team at Flexport. Having just closed a $65M funding round, Flexport has brought some of Silicon Valley’s best engineers to disrupt international freight, and are well on their way to dominating the trillion dollar market. We sat down with Amos Elliston (CTO), Evie Gillie (Engineer #3 and Engineering Manager) and Desmond Brand (Engineering Manager and React Guru) to talk about React/Relay/GraphQL/Postgres, how they deal with imperfect data, and where their platform is headed. Listen to the interview audio and check out the full transcript here.

How Flexport Moves Over $1B In Merchandise

New Tools

Sell to the most loyal customers in a new way (by Shopify)
A DigitalOcean-like support community for your website in 3 minutes
Microservices Tools
A microservices orchestration engine that runs in the cloud
Business Dashboards
An open source web application for constructing dashboards, by Expedia
Monitor in a Box
Monitoring Tools
Instantly usable, open source monitoring

Top 5 New Tools

Ant Design
MVC Components
A set of high-quality React components
Charting Libraries
ReactJS library for building interactive data visualizations
Website Builder
Instantly generate a responsive, free, website
Platform as a Service
The easiest way to build apps and bots
Javascript UI Libraries
A UI framework that compiles into tiny standalone JavaScript modules
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