Tools for AWS/GCP/Azure, webpack, k8s, NLP, and Clojure

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Weekly Digest
January 06, 2019

✨ In case you missed it

🏆 Top Decisions

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🛠 New Tools

Text Editor
Vim and Emacs-inspired editor written in Clojure
Multi Cloud Management
Open Source Multicloud Control Plane (AWS, GCP, Azure)
Continuous Deployment
Build pipelines in any programming language
NLP / Sentiment Analysis
A simple framework for natural language processing
JS Build Tools / JS Task Runners
Webpack made more convenient
Serverless / Task Processing
Real-time serverless platform

✅ Just Approved

Google Cloud Source Repositories
Code Collaboration & Version Control
A single place for your team to store, manage, and track code
Visual GraphQL Editor
GraphQL Tools
GraphQL Visual Node Editor

📈 Top New Tools

gRPC Tools
The missing GUI Client for GRPC services
Logging Tools
Like Prometheus, but for logs (by the makers of Grafana)
Tools for GitHub
TweetDeck for GitHub - Android, iOS and Web
Compose on Kubernetes
Container Tools
Deploy applications described in Compose onto Kubernetes clusters (by Docker)
PerfOps CLI
Network Monitoring
Run network benchmarks and debug your infrastructure without leaving your console
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