Introducing the 2017 StackShare Awards - time to vote!


The 2017 Top Developer Tool Awards are here, a celebration of all the amazing tools that make developers’ lives a little easier. This year we’ll be revisiting our award categories across Application, DevOps, New Tools, and more (read last year’s awards post to see them all). We'll reveal the latest tech trends and what you should learn in 2018 to stay ahead of the curve.

Here’s the best part: each award will be chosen by you, the StackShare community! Winners will be awarded based on usage, growth, and community strength. That means the more real-world stacks a tool is in, the higher it ranks!

To vote, show some love for your favorite tools by creating your stack by next week, Tuesday January 9th at 11pm PST.

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And a little something from our team...

We're always looking for ways to work smarter and keep our own stack fresh. Here are a few of our favorite tools that we've added to the StackShare stack this year. If you're using any of them, update your stack just by clicking "I Use This"!

Amplitude Elixir CircleCI Docker Compose And More

We'll be announcing winners later this month in a spectacular fashion, so stay tuned...

Happy Holidays!


P.S. Reach out to us at with any thoughts, questions, or funny gifs!

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