Dev Tools Roundup #1, Server-Side Dart, an IDE for D3, and a new AWS Service for IoT


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June 16, 2017


We're trying something new, and we're calling it the "Dev Tools Roundup" where we'll highlight the hottest new tools that you and rest of the community have shown interest in. For the first edition we reached out to the developers behind the five most popular tools from last week- including engineers from Stripe, Microsoft, and Google - and asked them about why they created their tool, how it compares to similar ones, and what their favorite tool (aside from their own) is. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Dev Tools Roundup


We've been hard at work improving Stack News. Over the past few weeks we've added some awesome features: you'll now see news from the popular dev community site Lobsters, we've added more RSS feeds, fixed a ton of bugs, and as of today you can now filter the news you see by news source! Just click the icons up top to remove that news source or add it back. Plus, you'll now see GitHub releases for all your favorite projects! 🎉

New Tools

Microframeworks (Backend)
Dart on the server
Javascript UI Libraries
A self-driving web app framework
Password Management
Free and open source password manager for Windows/Mac/Linux
Document Collaboration
Version control for Microsoft Word
AWS Greengrass
Internet of Things Services
Local compute, messaging, data caching, and synch capabilities for connected devices
Integrated Development Environment
an integrated development environment for D3.js

Top 5 New Tools

Team Task Management
Automated engineering status reports
Container Tools
A tool for developers to create cloud-native applications on Kubernetes
localhost Tools
Secure and simple terminal sharing
React Native Firebase
Platform as a Service Tools
A well tested Firebase implementation for React Native, supporting both iOS & Android apps
Microservices Tools
Open platform to connect, manage, and secure microservices, by Google, IBM, and Lyft
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