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March 17, 2017


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New Tools

Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL as a Service
Fully-managed database service- set up, maintain, manage, and administer your relational PostgreSQL databases in the cloud
Google Cloud Functions
Task Processing
A serverless environment to build and connect cloud services
Cloud Functions for Firebase
Task Processing
Run your mobile backend code without managing servers
Google BigQuery Data Transfer Service
Data Transfer
Automate data movement from SaaS applications to Google BigQuery on a scheduled, managed basis
Create React Native App
Cross-Platform Mobile Development
Create a React Native app on any OS with no build config
Expo Sketch
Cross-Platform Mobile Tools
A Playground for React Native
Native Navigation
Cross-Platform Mobile Tools
Native navigation library for React Native application, by Airbnb
Cross-Platform Mobile Tools
Experimental implementation of high performance interactable views in React Native
React VR
Virtual Reality
A framework for building VR apps using React

Top 5 New Tools

Container Tools
Go from Docker-Compose to Kubernetes with a simple tool
React Helmet
JavaScript Framework Components
A document head manager for React
Google Cloud Container Builder
Container Tools
Stand-alone tool for building container images regardless of deployment environment
Tool for producing high quality forecasts for time series data (by Facebook)
GraphQL Voyager
Database Tools
GraphQL Voyager – Represent Any GraphQL API as an Interactive Graph
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