17 New AWS Services


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December 02, 2017

New Tools

AWS Elemental MediaLive
Media Transcoding
Encode live video for broadcast and streaming to any device
Amazon Sumerian
Virtual Reality
The fastest and easiest way to create VR, AR, and 3D experiences
Amazon Comprehend
NLP / Sentiment Analysis
Discover insights and relationships in text
Amazon FreeRTOS
Operating Systems
IoT operating system for microcontrollers
AWS AppSync
GraphQL as a Service
A managed GraphQL service with real-time data and offline programming
AWS IoT Device Management
Internet of Things Services
Onboard, organize, monitor, and remotely manage connected devices at scale
AWS Elemental MediaPackage
Video DRM as a Service
Easily prepare and protect video for live and on-demand delivery to Internet devices
AWS Elemental MediaStore
Video Storage
Store and deliver video assets for live or on-demand media workflows
Amazon Neptune
Graph Database as a Service
Fast, reliable graph database built for the cloud
Amazon EKS
Containers as a Service
Highly available and scalable Kubernetes service
AWS Elemental MediaConvert
Media Transcoding
Process video files and clips to prepare on-demand content for distribution or archiving
Amazon SageMaker
Machine Learning as a Service
Accelerated Machine Learning
AWS Fargate
Containers as a Service
Run Containers Without Managing Infrastructure
Amazon MQ
Message Queue
Managed Message Broker Service for ActiveMQ
Amazon Rekognition Video
Video Analysis API
Accurately detect, track, recognize, extract, and moderate thousands of objects, faces, and content from a video
Amazon Kinesis Video Streams
Video Streaming
Capture, process, and store video streams for analytics and machine learning
AWS Elemental MediaTailor
Video Monetization
Easily personalize and monetize video content with server-side ad insertion

Top 5 New Tools

Altair GraphQL
Database Tools
Like Postman for GraphQL. Based on a similar structure as GraphiQL.
API Documentation Browser
TL;DR for developer documentation
Haskell for Mac
Integrated Development Environment
An IDE for Haskell
AWS Amplify
AWS Tools
JavaScript Open Source Library with React, React Native Extensions
Project Management
A better project management tool for software teams
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