Serverless Functions as a Service, Airbnb's mobile animation lib, and a React Native UI kit


StackShare Weekly Digest

February 03, 2017

New Tools

Task Processing
Functions as a Service (on Docker Swarm)
App Radar Publisher
Mobile App Marketing Tools
Manage, edit and publish apps. For iOS and Android
Mobile Prototyping & Interaction Design Tools
Easily add high-quality animation to any native app (by Airbnb)
File Uploads
The next open source file uploader for web browsers
Nachos UI
Mobile UI Components
React Native UI kit by Avocode
Task Processing
Serverless Functions as a Service for Kubernetes

Top 5 New Tools

Cross-Platform Desktop Development
A Vue 2.0-based desktop UI library for developers, designers and PMs
Cross-Platform Desktop Development
Target almost all platforms at once with react native
React Navigation
Cross-Platform Mobile Development
Flexible navigation library for React Native and web. Learn once, navigate anywhere.
Javascript UI Libraries
🎩 A universal React-compatible render engine (by Alibaba)
Tools for GitHub
A macOS Native Interface to GitHub Issues
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