Introducing Bitbucket Login, Plus New Serverless Tools and JS UI Libraries


StackShare Weekly Digest

December 09, 2016


We're excited to announce that you can now authenticate with Bitbucket to login to your StackShare account! Read more about why we've added Bitbucket and what this means for you in the announcement. Head over to the edit profile page to link your StackShare account with Bitbucket.

Introducing Bitbucket Authentication

One of the most requested features for Stack Match has been the ability to exclude tools for a search. You asked for it, so we built it! You can now filter jobs by tools you'd like to work with as well as tools you don't want to work with. Head over to Stack Match to check out the new exclude filter!



New Tools

Platform as a Service
The easiest way to build apps and bots
Task Processing
Python Serverless Microframework for AWS (by Amazon)
Task Processing
Deploy all Python WSGI applications on AWS Lambda + API Gateway.
Ant Design
MVC Components
A set of high-quality React components
Javascript UI Libraries
A UI framework that compiles into tiny standalone JavaScript modules
Website Builder
Instantly generate a responsive, free, website
Charting Libraries
ReactJS library for building interactive data visualizations

Top 5 New Tools

AWS Step Functions
Cloud Task Management
Build Distributed Applications Using Visual Workflows
AWS Tools
AWS Lambda with Heroku-like Experience
AWS Shield
Managed DDoS Protection
AWS Snowball Edge
Data Transfer
Petabyte-scale data transport with on-board storage and compute
Amazon Athena
Big Data Tools
Query S3 Using SQL
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